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Dedicated Server Hosting

A "Dedicated Server" is a server that basically all yours. Often as a website grows, you'll find that you need things like dedicated resources to keep up with the demands your website requests from its host.  This tends to be more expensive of course than a shared environment, as of writing this article you would be hard pressed to find one for less than $100 a month, however there is nothing stopping you from buying a computer, installing server software and connecting it to the internet serving up your website.  I don't recommend it... but it is possible.

Advantages of a "dedicated hosting" over "shared hosting" for your website:

  • You don't have to share resources such as memory or hard drive space
  • Increased security (virtually eliminate cross-site vulnerabilities and session hijacking)
  • IP address protection
  • scaleability
  • environment control (shared solutions have to accomodate everyone on the server, with a dedicated you only need to install what you use)


  • cost 
  • you need to know more
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