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What is Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a term used to describe when many websites are hosted on a single server by many different people.  There are some clear advantages such as lowest possible cost and having many features and such included but in my opinion this is vastly overshadowed by the myriad of issues that await you.

One big problem is obviously security concerns – Google a few things like XSS and session hijacking to see what I mean.  When there is a playground happening on the same computer your site is on, the actions of others will affect you.

Spam can easily become an issue but not in the sense of receiving – on the contrary shared web hosting providers are usually beefed up in the spam filtering, the real danger lays in others on the server sending spam.  Considering that chances are you are all on the same IP address, if some noob, or worse hijacker, decides to use the server as a spam relay, you may find your websites IP listed in the one of the RBL spam databases.  If this happens, you can consider your sent emails undeliverable as most spam filtering programs subscribe to these services.  Trust me, not a position you want to be in.

Still though, to get started, shared hosting isn’t too bad of an idea.  Companies that provide this service inherently have to provide a heavy level of customer support.  Find a good one and they probably will be very helpful in learning the basics of website hosting. -  Just be ready to move in relatively short notice.

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