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All About HTML

First a few refferences

Lets dive in…

First of, there are two ways to view an HTML document. The first is rendered through a browser which if you have never made a website before, this is probably what you are used to seeing. What you are looking at right now reading this is a “rendered” HTML document. – well this one is XHTML but the difference isn’t worth discussing at this point. We’ll touch on it later. The second way to view it is what is called “viewing the source code”. If you right click on this page you should see an option from your browser that says “view source” – you may have to look in your browsers menu bar for this but before we go any further, please give it a try.

Whoa! hey? I’m sure your head tilted back a little – there is a lot to it no?

Let me try to simplify a little. – Provided below is very simple HTML source code that would display the words “Hello World!” if rendered in a browser.

Code Example :


Now the above example is over simplified but it is so to illustrate some very basic concepts of the HTML language such as:

  1. Tags – You’ll notice that the words “I am a simple web page” are encapsulated by the tags <p>and</p>. HTML uses tags to let the browser know what kind of data is inside and what to do with it and how.
  2. The <html> and </html> tags encapsulate the entire document letting the browser know that all containg information should be rendered as html.
  3. You may also notice that tags are hierarchical and can contain other tags. For example the <p></p> tags are nested inside of the <body></body> tags.
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