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ADOBE Dreamweaver

Screenshot of DreamweaverADOBE's Dreamweaver has been around almost as long as professional web design.  I personally use it and find that it is far superior to any other website developments software available today.  

It is available for both Windows and Mac but sadly there is not a release for Linux based systems at this time.  Quite frankly, ADOBE is a saving grace of sorts for Windows. Had they ever released their suite of applications for Linux, I'd of jumped ship long ago.

That being said, lets take a look at why Dreamweaver is the number one choice of so many..

Dreamweaver has formed the way many of us make websites, it has syntax support (things like auto-complete and code formatting) for just about any language out there and has a very stable and convenient file browser/ftp manager built in.  This feature allows you to download, make changes quickly and upload your files all from one place. 

There is a TON of tutorials available out there on YouTube, Lynda and countless other websites as it has the largest user base of any commercially available code editor.

There is an extensive network of plug-ins available and new ones are made all the time.

Some other useful features of Dreamweaver:

  • extensive code libraries
  • incorporated CSS editor
  • "live view" features
  • live database connectivity
  • associated files connectivity
  • works well with complimenting software and works extremely well with other ADOBE products like Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and Bridge.

The only gripe I have with Dreamweaver is its price - it'll set you back $399.00 - Buy it though, its worth it in the long run.
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