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What Is a Webpage?  - (a general overview)

A web page is a document written in the programming language called HTML and read by web browsers which decipher that code to deliver visual and audible representations of your content. To create a web page one should have at minimum a basic understanding about HTML or access to software that will generate this "code" from your user input. The later is common amongst beginners but is quickly abandoned in most cases in leu of actual HTML authoring software that gives the website designer more control.

HTML documents are fairly liberal in the sense that they tend to be relatively forgiving regarding proper formatting but you really want to understand what you are doing and be as exact as possible. The main reason for this is that in the end, things like search engine placement can make or break the success of your website. It is a very competitive process and proper coding plays a very important role. We'll talk more of this later when we discuss search engine optimization.

The essence of HTML lies in its tag based markup. What this means is that elements of the code are often encapsulated in order to keep things segregated and in order.

For example. If you want some text to display in bold, you would encapsulate your text with the tag for doing so. Example:


Now you may have noticed that the second, or closing, tag contains a forward slash. This indicates to the browser or HTML parser that this is the end of an element. Take note that not all HTML elements are actually encapsulated, some are merely stand alone such as the image tag.

In its basic form, the image tag is formatted as such:


 The above the browser to display an image and its location relative to the HTML file that we are working with is "images/" and the file name is "yourImage.jpg". Since this is all the information that we need, we close the tag with "/>".

Now that you understand what a tag is, let's talk about how we bring it all together to build an actual web page.

At this time, it should be fairly obvious that what the public sees as a web page, and what it takes behind the scenes to actually make that happen, are two rather different animals. Taking these "tags" as we have been talking about and putting them together in proper form may seem daunting at first but hang in there, it gets easier with time.

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